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Première Rencontre Maghrébine
des Arts Plastiques

Mauritanie , Maroc , Tunisie , Lybie , France et Algérie

Fevrier 2008
Congratulations  ,
After reviewing your site,we found a top level contribution to arts and to the web community.
That is why we decided to distinguish your site presenting you the BEL ART EXCELLENCE AWAR  .

Only three out of ten sites win this web award, so you belong to a very small group of outstanding web artists.


Congratulations !
    Your web site has been reviewed
by our team members and we have
decided to reward you with  :
The Artmajeur Silver Award !

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Février 2007

Your artwork "Le grand échiquier" has won the award for The Best Artwork of the Month  (February 2007).
We started this awards program, as you well know, to give computer artists the recognition they deserve.
Celebrating works like yours, was the very reason we created this awards program.

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Janvier 2007

Congratulations from all the staff at Art Space You have won the "World Web Award of Excellence" for originality, overall design and appearance, ease of navigation, and content. Keep up the good work.

  Art Space Awards Department

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Décembre 2006

      Congratulations !
You have won our Gold Award.
This award is given for an excellent likeability and a good quality of the art works exhibited.
The presentation and usability of your site is noteworthy, excellent and pleasant. The content is very informative. We are aware of the time and effort that goes into creating
such a web site, that's why  we are very pleased to present you with the KARA ART GOLD AWARD.
     A. Karamaounas and the staff.

     12/25/2006 Geneva/Switzerland


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Juin 2006
Hommage de la Direction
de La Culture de Annaba


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Mai 2005



Mars 2005
Van Gogh Award for Artistic




Mai 2005
Hawaii City


Septembre 2000
   Meilleur du Pod Art


Mars 2005
Gold Medal Web Award of Excellence
Art Space 2000

Août 1996
Hommage de l'office pour la culture de la ville de Annaba .
  Juin 2003
Top Ten's Artist List de ArtTrack   - Semaine du 2  au 8juin 2003
Oeuvre sélectionnée :
Les trois marches - Acrylique et huile sur toile -
  Juillet 2003
  Top Ten's Artist List de ArtTrack   - Semaine du 8 au 13 juillet 2003
Oeuvre sélectionnée :
Solitudes oubliées - Oeuvre numérique -